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Community-Based Plans

The Donkey Sanctuary Kenya works together with communities that own and use donkeys to empower them through training and education on donkey matters to build their capacities to take better care of their donkeys and use them responsibly.

Tertiary Training

The Donkey Sanctuary Kenya provides technical and practical based trainings and support to animal health service providers and post-secondary school institutions on donkey diseases and husbandry to enable them provide vet care to donkeys and also advocate for better care for donkeys.

School-Based Education

We work with selected primary schools to engage with children, teachers and parents with the view of inculcating a strong sense of animal and donkey welfare among this target group.

Advocacy and Awareness

The Donkey Sanctuary works with schools, press and the local administration to highlight the welfare challenges that donkeys encounter and encourage change in attitude and involvement of the schools and media and the government in lobbying for better care for donkeys.

Local and Regional Networking

The Donkey Sanctuary Kenya collaborates and partners with various organizations to campaign for and contribute towards better care for donkeys and animal welfare legislation and policies.

Tracking Emerging Issues

The Donkey Sanctuary Kenya responds to emergency cruelty cases and also follows up on all issues that appertain to usage of the donkeys that may impact negatively on the donkeys' welfare.

Direct Donkey Care

The Donkey Sanctuary Kenya through their Lamu and Nairobi office provides sanctuary to donkeys that have been mistreated or badly injured until such a time that they can be returned to their owner(s) or taken to new homes.