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General Care

For a donkey to serve us well, it needs to be provided with basic needs just like in us humans. These basic needs include, feed, water, shelter, good handling, treatment when sick, rest after work and appreciation. Download PDF and read more..


A harness is an implement used on a donkey to enable the donkey carry loads on their back or pull carts safely and efficiently. It is also protects the donkey from harm when carrying or pulling loads.

A good harness must have soft comfortable materials that do not cause harm to the donkey. It must have a part for pulling load called a breast-band in case of donkeys pulling carts. When the donkey is carrying loads on a cart, this is called a saddle, and when carrying load on its back it is referred to as a back pack. It also has a braking system called breech to enable the donkey stop without the load hitting it or compressing on its body. Download PDF and read more..

Veterinary Care

Donkeys do get sick and injured just like all other animals. Thus when your donkey is sick please contact your local vet to help it and provide it with the medical care it needs. Do not work a sick or injured donkey. Sick donkeys will show signs of pain, weak, dull looks, may not eat well, tired, may produce mucous or tears, may cough a lot, may have a swollen stomach, may have diarrhoea or difficult breathing and wounds among other signs. In such cases please call a vet for help. Get Your Donkey Health Manual..

Report Donkey Cruelty

Have you seen a troubled donkey? Please Call us