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"Helping donkeys, Helping communities"

The Donkey Sanctuary Kenya is an affiliate of the Donkey Sanctuary UK. We are a donkey welfare organization working with donkey owners, users, the Government of Kenya, and other stakeholders towards enabling a quality environment for donkey care.

The sanctuary works with many partners and organizations to fulfil its mandate of working with the communities to improve donkey welfare. To ensure that there is synergy in our work with other partners, the organization takes keen interest in ensuring that there are agreements and understandings of where we work and what we do.

We have been able to reach and influence the welfare of many donkeys in Kenya and beyond and also contributed to the improvement of the livelihood of the communities where the organization work.


A society where donkeys' contribution to communities' livelihood is recognized and appreciated.


Working towards improving donkey welfare and communities livelihood through training, education and awareness.


To reach one million donkeys by year 2025 through partnerships, networking and community based and driven initiatives.

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